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If something goes wrong, the first thing we recommend doing is to execute command M-x company-diag and thoroughly study its output.

This command outputs important details about the internal workings of Company at the moment of the company-diag command execution, including a responsible backend and a list of completion candidates provided by it.

Based on the value of the ‘Used backend’ in the output of the command M-x company-diag, these possible actions may follow:

If the aforementioned steps didn’t help to find the cause of the issue, then file a bug report to the Company Issue Tracker, attaching the following information:

  1. Output of the M-x company-diag.
  2. The exact error message: you can find it in the *Messages* buffer.
  3. The steps to reproduce the behavior. Ideally, if you can, starting with a bare Emacs session: emacs -Q.
  4. The backtrace of the error, which you can get by running the command: M-x toggle-debug-on-error before reproducing the error.

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